::The Lost Patrol::



live review - June 2008
Stephen Bailey/Cultural Exchange Advocate
The Goldhawk, Hoboken

Ah to be nervous on stage. To feel that vibrating anxious energy rapidly flowing to every nerve. To giggle, shake and shy away. To eventually sink into a comfort zone. To never miss a beat. I got to live all of this again vicariously thru vocalist Mollie Israel. Tonight was her debut with the band.

Guitarist Stephen Masucci And I have known each other for quite some time. He co-produced and mixed an EP my band Ya-Ne-Zniyoo recorded back in 2000 called 'Paid Platycake'. He's always been a bit of a gadget junkie. Whether it's refurbishing classic analog synths or getting the perfect guitar tone thru a series of electronic effects or making a drum machine part of the band instead of just a tool.

The music of The Lost Patrol is remarkably human and sci-fi at the same time. Lush tones and rich pads of sound are set out for emotional vocals and surf-inspired guitar riffs. Adding to the rhythm of the sequenced parts is the full acoustic strumming of Michael Williams.

Over the years, they've had their share of member shifts (like any band). I've seen them with a full line up. With drums, bass and the whole lot. Stephen told me that, after a while, worrying about keeping a full band in order became a headache. But with their grasp of the sound, nothing is lost to the reduced human presence.

In fact, the use of machines seems the most comfortable to me as a listener. It could be because it is how I first experienced the band many moons ago. Or it reminds me of hanging out at Stephen's home as he spun tales of Mellotrons gone bad and Moogs gone surreal and the like.

No matter, this was a really nice night of music–and a very impressive debut for Mollie. I look forward to not letting so many years go between catching them again. I'm ashamed to say that the last time was in June 2001. Ouch!







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