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cd reviews - October 20, 2008
Matt Rowe
Midnight Matinée

4 out of 5 Stars

The Lost Patrol has created a lot of buzz with each release and performance. As they mature, their music becomes so much more defined and distinctive. With their new album, Midnight Matinee, The Lost Patrol ups the ante of indie Rock and Roll.


Psychedelia is alive and well in the music found on Midnight Matinee by The Lost Patrol. The three-piece band is on the coattails of Gothic music incorporating shoegazing vocals by sweet-voiced Mollie Israel, and shimmering guitars by both Stephen Massucci, who also contributes bass, omnichord, and programming, and the 12-string acoustic guitar of Michael Williams.

Interestingly, their music has a timeless feel to it in that, you can hear snatches of previous eras of music. You’ll recognize ‘70s influence as well as lots of familiarity from the solid ‘80s, where much of this music have strong roots.

At times, the music can be cinematic and theatrical, as heard on “Fades from View” and at times very cowboy/punk-billy, like on “Blue Lullabies,” and “Silver City Sunset.” I’ve a feeling that Quentin Tarantino would LOVE this band. They soundtrack his films well with the songs of aptly named Midnight Matinee (you heard it here first).

However you perceive The Lost Patrol, you will be entertained by the psychedelic feel to many of their songs. But you’ll also enjoy the quality of a band that enjoys their music well enough to give it that genuine feel extending from the history of Rock. It may bend toward the darker shades, but its hybrid sense wins the day.






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