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cd review - January 2009
Anna Maria Stjärnell
Midnight Matinée

The Lost Patrol-Midnight Matinée

The Lost Patrol lost original singer Danielle Kimak Stauss since their last album. New singer Mollie Israel takes over confidently here and is a good addition to the band's dreamy and strong sound.

"Homecoming" shows off Israel's rich voice against a sixties-influenced backdrop. The Lost Patrol are good at that sort of a thing. "Fades From View" is a dreamy and soft song that suits Israel's voice well. It has an eerie sound that unravels slowly. "Distance" is a stunning standout song, a melancholy ballad where the surf guitars really do the trick. Lost Patrol reach a meeting point for shoegaze and sixties-influenced rock.

The closing "Jukebox On The Moon" very nicely ends this chapter in the band's history. Israel's dynamic vocal presence elevates an already great song into the stratosphere. The Lost Patrol deserve a large audience.







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