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cd reviews - November 2008
Midnight Matinée
Panorama Journal

“Midnight Matinée” Digipak 2008

This excellent rock-pop act from the USA comes with its 7th album, and this is just brilliant as the last one... this time with the inclusion of Mollie Israel on Vocals, who replaces to last vocalist Danielle K. who left the band for personal reasons. “Midnight Matinee” contains in its own essence the sonic musical nature developed by THE LOST PATROL on the album “Launch And Landing”. With its seductive expressionism in most of the tracks, but especially on “Blue Lullabies”,”Colours turn grey”, floating into dense sad melodies and subtle, beautiful guitar arrangements, makes this album just perfect. Also it contains rhythmic elements and a gothic rockish essence in tracks as “Serenade” or the melancholic ballad called “Distance”, with a total of 10 compositions, all of them musically and lyrically well structured. with such incredible bass parts and guitar atmospheres creating such cinematic, dream pop with the necessary emotive and moody harmonies to put you in a melancholic state where converges the different feelings, and thoughts which floats according each composition.

In a word, I would say this album is perfect. And we are more than pleasure to review “Midnight Matinee”. This album comes in a six panel colorful digipack. We just hope to have the opportunity to review the 8th album somewhere in time, by this excellent American trio.





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