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December 2008
Adam Alexis

Midnight Matinée

There is nothing else coming out this year musically that I could give two lamb testicles about, so here is my month early best albums of 2008.

   1. Bella Morte - "Beautiful Death" - This album initially had to grow on me, now I'm addicted to it. It reminds of of why I got into them to begin with, but with a added heaviness factor. 37 minutes of pure epic goodness.

   2. Nine Inch Nails - "Ghosts I-IV" - A very pretentious album, two discs of nothing but instrumentals split into 4 sections and recorded in a few weeks out of jam sessions. And somehow it really succeeds. Some of Reznor's best material in years.

   3. Trivium - "Shogun" - Metal done, for the most part, the way it should be. This album is waay better than their last one, and reminds me alot of Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets Metallica in parts. Not a perfect album, but some of these songs give me goosebumps.

   4. Hank Williams III - "Damn Right Rebel Proud" - Great vulgar hellbilly. On par with 'Straight to Hell." Makes me want whiskey.

   5. The Raveonettes - "Lust Lust Lust" - Noisey sex pop. woot.

   6. Rome - "Masse Mensch Material" - Alot darker than last years effort. I listened to it the other day and found sounds in it I didn't notice before. That's rewarding.

   7. Metallica - "Death Magnetic" - They finally made a thrash album again. Hetfield's voice is pretty strained, but that's ok. The production could be better, but most of the songs are right on target. The 10 minute instrumental is fucking awesome.

   8. The Lost Patrol - "Midnight Matinee" - They have a new singer, who has a more... full voice? More powerful. A lot cuter. The music is still dreamy surf rock meets 4AD records and Cocteau Twins.

   9. Nine Inch Nails - "The Slip" - What? NIN on here twice? A pretty good album. Not friggin-tastic-classic, but its nice to see him still being creative.

  10. Jenny Lewis - "Acid Tongue"/Portishead - "Third" - I wasn't sure what to put here, and I might change it. The album as a whole drags in spots. It's not nearly as good as her solo debut, but the first half is really solid. I have a feeling her next album will blow it away.

   I had to add Portishead, after giving it more thought. It grows on you. The listening experience can be unpleasant in a very effective way.





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