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tour press - December 3, 2009
Erin Dewitt

Sprung from the wells of Shadows and Ventures vinyls and a deep love for Siouxsie while others lusted for metal, the Lost Patrol found each other swimming around New York City in the late ‘90s. Swaying from surf twang to goth wave to western acoustic, each of Lost Patrol’s genre-bending songs adds a gauzy layer to their ethereal foundation. After finding fire-haired singer Mollie Isreal in 2008 (think an opium-laced, ‘80s Allison Goldfrapp), the group congealed into a super solid band—and now the Lost trio find themselves on a California tour, making a stop at the Pike for an (unbelievably) free show.

Tue., Dec. 8. 2009
8 p.m.







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