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cd reviews - April 19, 2010
Matt Rowe
Dark Matter

4 out of 5 Stars

The Lost Patrol follows up it's Midnight Matinee (2008) album with more brilliance on their new Dark Matter album. With Dark Matter, they continue their gothic roots that reach into the realm of Cocteau Twins with well-played shimmery guitars, and the honeyed voice of Mollie Israel.

The songs on this album offers hints of rockabilly, especially on it's classic "In Your Blood" track. But talent like this is restless and often finds itself crossing borders. On their perfected '60s-like song, "Before I Go," they deliver a contagious and authentic primed-for-radio track that is simply memorable.

However, is is their intro to "Leading The Blind," which reminds greatly of the opening to The Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin," that got me wanting to hear them do a cover of that very song. The Lost Patrol is a talented band that could pull this off. Regardless of intro reminescences, this song is crafted '80s brilliance.

I truly like this band and have them on my radar. They are self-produced and simply the kind of band that delivers on every song in very talented and inventive ways. Yes, they're influenced by period music. But they pull it off as if they originated from those timeframes and that's a rare trait.

Dark Matter is an accomplished album by this dream pop band that knows exactly how to make a strong album. Definitely worth your attention.






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