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cd reviews - April 30, 2010
Jon Dawson
Dark Matter

5 Stars Out Of 5

The new Lost Patrol album plays like a soundtrack to every cool noir movie ever made. The music and the vocals are dark and moody, with just enough rock and roll oomph to make it sound dangerous.

Dark Matter is the band’s second release with vocalist Mollie Israel, and her assured command of the microphone has pushed the band’s music into edgier territory. Israel’s voice careens out of the speakers with the power of an opera singer and the swagger of Shirley Manson. Guitarists Stephen Masucci and Michael Williams create dusty, psychedelic soundscapes reminiscent of Sergio Leone, Dick Dale and Angelo Badalamenti.

Internet music trolls may have seen the band’s controversial video for “Calling Your Own Name” [sic] making the rounds in cyberspace. While the video has sparked much debate, no one is questioning the validity of the song’s genius minimalism and powerful delivery. Fans of Goldfrapp or Garbage that are jonesing for some kinky rock will relish this track. [TLP's note: the video is for "Nobody There."]

The entire album is “skip button” free and plays like a movie that you don’t want to end. The lush ballad “Justine” oozes with beauty and emotion that is seldom heard in rock music anymore, and the nearly metallic bass work on “Leading the Blind” recalls the harder-edged sides of The Cure.

Dark Matter is the seventh Lost Patrol album, and it is a fine place for the uninitiated to begin. You’re not likely to hear this music outside college or satellite radio, but for the music lover who’s looking for something new and interesting, Dark Matter could be your favorite album of 2010. For more information, visit






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