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Home Grown Spotlight - July 13, 2010
Lindsay Klein

When I stop and reflect about all the bands I've been spinning on the "DHA Homegrown Spotlight" four and a half years now, The Lost Patrol was one of the first bands I found, and remains in constant rotation on my segment to this day! In addition, they were the first band I went out to support at a local gig! They happened to be playing at one of my all time favorite bars, The Loop Lounge, in Clifton NJ so it was a win win situation! I was able to see just how talented this band was live, and of course hang at a bar I adored! They absolutely moved me, and I was an instant lifer for The Lost Patrol. They've kept in touch with me since the beginning, always updating me on posters, albums, clothing, and they are kind and appreciative along with their extreme talent!

The lineup has changed thru the years, but the sound of the band continues to grow! What a unique and moving sound do these guys produce with their electric guitars, acoustic twelve strings, textures, and "sirenic vocals. It's no surprise at the end result with mastering credits from Grammy winner, Larry Alexander (Sisters of Mercy, Suicide and David Bowie).

The Lost Patrol remains true to their hometowns and play out all over the tri-state area, but their talent is so strong they've even been able to take the stage at the famous Whisky A Go Go in LA and show the west coast how we do it over here on the east side!!!

Tonight on the spotlight I will be playing a track from the album "Dark Matter", but I've followed the band for years and I suggest you take a listen to their archive of musical genius at and






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