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cd review - July 26, 2010
Anna Maria Stjärnell
Dark Matter

The Lost Patrol-Dark Matter

The Lost Patrol are back with yet another intriguing record. Their trademark sixties style with a modern spin to them is intact.

"Calling Your Own Name" has a strong guitar part by Stephen Masucci and a dreamy lead vocal by Mollie Israel. "In Your Blood" is meaty fare, the dueling guitars giving it a cool sound, and Israel's crooning smoothes it out nicely. "Lay In Wait" sees them play a sophisticated, somewhat dark tune with plenty of sass. Israeal's dreamy tone makes it work.

"Before I Go" is an up tempo pop tune that they pull off well. It's as good as the other tracks, just a touch lighter. Lost Patrol are doing a sort of modernized surf rock and they have few if any peers at that. They are worth a shot if you like the sound of it.







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