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film blog - August 13, 2010

VAMPS has been staking out (pun intended) the Leland Hotel for the past 2 days and had the good company of 75 goths and club-goers. While Krysten and Alicia rocked their socks off to the awesome sounds of The Lost Patrol the background dancers never let their energy wane, throwing themselves around take after take and enjoying it (or at least looking like they were having a good time). Even the crew got in front of the camera, the first assistant director was rigged up in pleather pants, bondage harness and leather flat cap. It really gave him a whole new edge when shouting instructions out to the crew (all whilst holding a flashing green martini glass...), even one of the grips... unofficially known as Cute Zombie Boy... got creative with some face paints. I also got to stand in a hot sweaty club for a handful of hours squashed into a hot pink corset and crazy huge hair, I bailed on the second day and changed back to my less exciting and less revealing skivvies but big holla to the background that kept the vibe relentlessly banging for 2 long ass days.

Our location - The Leland City Club - is a fully functioning infamous Detroit industrial nightspot and I would recommend of any of the crew who wanna cut loose, dance out the week and get transgressive to head over.

The background stars littered the grand lobby of the historic hotel, chilling out on grand staircases, ancient winged arm chairs, flanked by gilded ornate mirrors and a giant pair of tusks (!).

These cats are real deal Detroitian underground. Pretty rad to have everyone be in the spirit of the day and add to yet another surreal movie experience!

- V







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