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episode synopsis - October 2, 2010

Gossip Girl is down! While there has been more than one episode where Gossip Girl has been silent, the episodes are much better when you get to watch Gossip Girl blasts wreak havoc. Luckily, the site is up and running not long after the episode begins-enough time to chronicle Blair and Serena’s first day at Columbia.

If you didn’t get to watch Gossip Girl last week, it became pretty clear that Juliet has it out for Serena. To have appeared from nowhere, that girl is everywhere! Juliet is the key master to the Hamilton House, and exclusive club for the college’s elite. Blair gets a key, but Serena doesn’t, thanks to Juliet. B and S’s friendship proves to be stronger than Juliet’s trickery, but Serena still loses when Juliet get her Romeo. Nate sure gets around.

Speaking of getting around, our faves are doing lots of moving around. Georgina comes back and takes the baby. Chuck fesses up to his sometimes dangerous and reckless past to Eva, and much to Blair’s chagrin, Eva stays with him. Vanessa moves in with Dan, and Serena moves in with Blair.

As usual, Gossip Girl music delivers! Gossip Girl songs featured in this episode include Sorta’s “Gone Away,” Miss Eighty 6’s “Horror Story,” New Young Pony Club’s “Oh Cherie,” The Lost Patrol’s “On The Run,” Alana D’s “Turn it Up,” The Black Keys’ “Tighten Up” and Miss Mercury’s “One Night Only.” Hot Chip contributes two Gossip Girl songs: “Keep Quiet” and “One Life Stand.”







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