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Support - The New Kind of Rock n' Roll - April 21, 2011
Matt Rowe

In this time of internet and bits, aspiring bands (or, in the case of Thanatos, veteran bands) have begun to do something new, self-released CDs. CD production is cheap enough anymore. But there is still the cost of other things that add to the overall costs of a released album. Because of this, bands have begun to ask fans to help finance the cost of an album release.

Thanatos, a band with beginnings in the ’90s have an album prepared but currently is not available for distribution. I’ve long been a fan of Thanatos. And while it bothers me that the band has declared this as-yet-unreleased album, The Exterminating Angel, a final page in the Thanatos story, I’m equally bothered that it is unreleased. Fronted by Padraic Ogl, Thanatos has produced several extraordinary albums including a must-have side project, illegalteenagebikini release, I Am Not Job. I Am Not Job is a stunning set with the extraordinary title cut that, for me, has lingered years after I’ve heard it. Of course, when that happens, it’s a sign of a good band.

I have a plea to readers of TAP, that they would go and listen to samples from the dormant release found on the band’s website (link below). If you’re intrigued by it, please, by all means, pre-buy a copy. This is a Rock and Roll venture. It helps to create and deliver quality music, particularly if you’re the believing kind.

Need some insight or news, head off to for more.

Another band engaged in the very same thing is one called The Lost Patrol. Based in NYC, the band is utilizing a new venture called Kickstarter that allows the band (or other ventures) to gain funding in an ‘all or nothing’ form. The Lost Patrol have two very accomplished albums out, both of which I have reviewed in the past. Their third is waiting for the funding period to be completed but it seems as if the initial wave of backing has already been completed. There are a few days to help supply stronger push for the album and so I encourage you to visit and offer the spirit of Rock another hand.

You can access all things The Lost Patrol at this official site. Here are links to my original reviews, Midnight Matinée (2008), and Dark Matter (2010). From the site’s home, you can log into a Facebook page, and a MySpace page.

Rock and Roll is not a big boy’s game anymore. With innovative sites like Kickstarter, and talented established artists like Thanatos with enduring music (you should hear “I Am Not Job”), Rock and Roll gets more resilient every day.

I’m hoping that you’ll take a minute to head off and check these two bands out. And if you like what you see and hear, that you’ll produce a little cash to help them in their expected releases.






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