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NYC's The Lost Patrol Gets Even Better
With Rocket Surgery
The new album is the band's third
with Mollie Israel
September 14, 2011
Matt Rowe
The Morton Report

New York City delivers.  You can check the names off a list of great bands and often enough they’re a fixture from the big city.  With a large collection of diverse music found in the ceaseless dynamo of New York City, it’s no surprise that talent thrives there.  One such band radiating from that energy is The Lost Patrol.

The Lost Patrol brings together a cool blend of styles that is, at times, rockabilly, and at other times, dream pop.  They can produce a flawless ‘60s sound, or play a song that reaches into the ‘80s for its spark. But no matter what styles they bring to the table, they’re all wrapped in a distinct gothic sound creating standout uniqueness.   The band’s current lead singer, Mollie Israel (daughter of Hollywood director Amy Heckerling) has a great dreamy voice perfect for this kind of music.  Her voice effortlessly compliments the band’s work.

Michael Williams' 12-string acoustic guitar adds a defining touch to the skills of guitarist Stephen Masucci (who also provides bass, keyboards, Moog synth, and programming to the mix), and Israel's vocal and instrumental contributions.

The Lost Patrol has already released quite a few albums, all of them notable for their sound. However, it wasn’t until 2008’s Midnight Matinee that they were fused with Mollie Israel’s voice.  Midnight Matinee separates from the band’s earlier albums with a determined effort that the inclusion of Israel seems to have brought out in full force.  From the first song, “On The Run,” with its Stephen Masucci surf-a-billy guitars, The Lost Patrol feels solid.

Their next release was Dark Matter, issued in 2010.  The Lost Patrol more tightly explored the psychedelia of their previous release with eerily echoed rockabilly guitars, and an otherworldly sound that engages your attention from the start.  With excellent songs like “In Your Blood,” the ‘60s-like “Before I Go,” the entrancing “Nobody There,” and the memorable “Leading the Blind,” The Lost Patrol is setting the stage for a good future.

For their newest album, the band turned to Kickstarter to raise the money for production.  Kickstarter, a funding site that encourages fans to help in recording costs in return for an often personalized copy of the album and other considerations, is a trending option for new and established artists wanting to retain full control of their music.

Without problem, The Lost Patrol gained the necessary money to finish their new album, Rocket Surgery, which will release in October 2011 with eleven tracks.

“Lost At Sea,” and a rich tune in “This Road Is Long” are songs from the forthcoming album and can be downloaded or streamed from the band’s BandCamp page.  A newer version of “This Road Is Long” will be released on the new CD.  These songs promise an even richer experience than the band’s earlier albums.  With each release, The Lost Patrol gets better.






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