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cd reviews - October 16, 2011
Jules Cohen
Rocket Surgery
Grave Concerns Zine

I first reviewed The Lost Patrol here on Grave Concerns more than 5 years ago and was immediately smitten with their shoegazer sound.

Lost Patrol founder, Stephen Masucci has kept the band's lush sound going for years now and shows the bands' prolific flair.

A few years later, The Lost Patrol is still playing live shows and releasing Shoegazer goodness like their brand new album Rocket Surgery which is due out October 2011.

On "This Road Is Long,"  Mollie channels old skool greats from the 60s meets The Lost Patrol's signature shoegaze sound. Move over Petula Clark!

Be sure to attend one of their shows and you will hear gems from their new cd like: "Not The Only One" (which for old skool Lost Patrol fans could be a b-side to Cup at my Krater), "Sweet Ophelia", "Lost at Sea", and "Don't give Me Love".

The Lost Patrol has built a nice following:






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