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cd review - October 16, 2011
Will "The Thrill" Viharo
Rocket Surgery

A Sonic Blast of Stylish Sorrow

The Lost Patrol is the great unsung band of New Jersey. While not nearly as famous as fellow native musicians Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, these consistently compelling melody-makers deserve a much wider audience, though their rabid cult following continues to multiply. Meantime, those of us in the know can revel in the latest release from these reliably relevant retro-rockers, whose moody melodies still evoke the films of David Lynch. Torrid tunes with provocative titles like “Dead or Alive,” “Play With Fire,” “Lost at Sea” and the haunting instrumental “3 AM” create an otherworldly musical mosaic relatable to the lovelorn loneliness of our own realm, but spiritually resonant, like you’re listening to the heart-broken spirits of melancholy minstrels from beyond; angel-headed hipsters with reverb-guitars guiding us morose mortals through this cruel sea of tears. None of this is nearly as depressing as it sounds.

Like classic film noir, the music of The Lost Patrol wraps doom and gloom in a smoothly stylish cloak of seductive romantic intrigue, and Rocket Surgery is no exception to a rule this band made and will never break.


Will "The Thrill" Viharo is a freelance writer, host of the film series “Forbidden Thrills” at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, and creator of the long running cult movie cabaret “Thrillville.” He lives in Alameda, CA with his wife Monica “Tiki Goddess” Cortes and their two cats. His pulp novels “A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge,” “Lavender Blonde,” “Chumpy Walnut,” “Down a Dark Alley," and the "Vic Valentine, Private Eye" series are now available at





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