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show announcement - November 12, 2011

Tonight: Dotsun Moon, Joywave, Early Attic, Lost Patrol

Soundlab presents a night of New York-based artists featuring Buffalo natives Dotsun Moon and Early Attic, as well as the Rochester-based Joywave and The Lost Patrol from downstate. Given the common thread of electronic music and the backgrounds of each act, it's a good way to get your dance on while supporting the local scene.

For those that lean toward electronic music, Dotsun Moon is your go-to group of the night. The five-piece constructs synth-y arrangements clearly influenced by the same genre of the eighties, accompanied by female vocals that create a dark, driving beat. A contrast to the electro outfit is Buffalo's Early Attic, an indie rock group with hints of electro-pop influence. Blending beach-y guitar riffs and simple vocals backed by synth, bass and drums, the fivesome is easy on the ears, prompting a buzzy, happy feel that's not too saccharin sweet.

Rochester's Joywave is like a more pop-centric Two Door Cinema Club, particularly when it comes to the sound of the guitar and drums. Though a bit more pop than the aforementioned indie rock group, Joywave's sound is easy for dancing and undeniably catchy. The veterans of tonight's roster, The Lost Patrol, come to us all the way from the downstate area where they've been playing music since 1998 with a revolving cast of characters. Singer Mollie Israel is similar to Neko Case or a shy Anna Calvi, accompanied by Stephen Masucci and Michael Williams, who all craft haunting wall-of-sound-like orchestrations.

Doors open tonight at 8 p.m. Tickets are $7.






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