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speakly playlist - November 21-27, 2011
Chris Rotolo
This Road Is Long

“This Road Is Long” by The Lost Patrol

The fresh scent of an acidic rain coated black top, your head huddled beneath the heaviest of hazes formed via the amalgamation of oceanic foam and a cool breeze washing over the coast, unsure of where you’ll end up or what will meet you around the next bend.  The uncertainty is as comforting as the churning mist is captivating, and that’s what experiencing The Lost Patrol full-length, Rocket Surgery, is like.  The cavernous collection of musical artistry and smoke smothered Surf-Rock numbers would suffice nicely in a late-night vampiric cabaret, no track more suited for such a stage than “This Road Is Long,” which you can stream below, thus the outfit’s forthcoming filmatic debut alongside Alicia Silverstone in the 2012 release 'Vamps'.  The Piermont, NY-based shoegazers are scheduled to headline Asbury Lanes on December 16th…don’t miss it.






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