::The Lost Patrol::

cd review - January 9, 2012
Anna Maria Stjärnell
Rocket Surgery

The Lost Patrol-Rocket Surgery

A new album by the Lost Patrol is always cause for celebration, and sure enough this one is no exception. The group plays an appealingly dreamy psychedelic surf rock topped with Mollie Israel's hypnotic vocals.

"This Road is Long" sees Stephen Mascucci and Michael Williams and Israel's guitars reaching untold heights to a string-laden backdrop. The vocals are gorgeous and remind me of Paula Frazer from Tarnation. "Little Girl" is a spacey-sounding song with an appealing sixties-flavored instrumentation that plays well against Israel's vocals. "Sweet Ophelia" is a sad song with a glorious melody. Israel's beautiful vocals are as ever on the money. "Don't Give Me Love" is a little tougher, and the band give an excellent rockin' performance. This is a great record as ever by the Lost Patrol.







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