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write up - July 31, 2012
Tim Whale
The Lost Patrol

The Lost Patrol

From Piermont in the USA we find the alternative indie band The Lost Patrol who started life over a decade ago with an effervescent line-up, we now find Mollie Israel, Stephen Masucci and Michael Williams delivering a Lynchian sound.

Precision and surreal imagery waft out of the speakers in a perfect cloud formation. Deserving of far greater recognition for a decade of endeavour, may be it is that Dali construct which makes it difficult to engage for the local audience that needs 20 minute advert breaks for a half an hour TV Programme. Yes it does make my blood pressure rise a notch or two when superb musicians and stunning sounds are passed over for the simple requirement of more intelligence than thinking the king of face stuffing junk - McDonalds –  is worthy of anything than vomiting in the gutter, whilst the likes of Cowell stroll around feeding the dumb their cuds, which is why I guess you read the Indie Bands Blog and for that I extend a hearty handshake.

These guys need to head over to France where they would be taken far more seriously. In fact I quite fancy an afternoon on the Seine in the company of some intelligent conversation whilst The Lost Patrol drive forwards the conversation,  with a landing on the Left Bank and a concert in Place des Vosges to finish off the day.

-- Tim Whale





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