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PSY's "Gentleman" vs. The Lost Patrol's Driven: Nickelback wept - April 16, 2008
Samuel Smith

Rhetorical Question of the Day: In anticipation of the new song release from K-Pop star PSY, we anticipated that:
a) he’d boldly break off to forge new and innovative artistic directions
b) he’d pimp that “Gangnam Style” formula like a four-dollar whore at the Republican National Convention
I thought so.
For my part, I wondered how long it would take for the first “Gangnam Style”/”Gentleman” mashup to hit YouTube. The answer turns out to be “a few hours.” Behold: Gangnam Style Gentleman

As of the moment, the hit count at YouTube is 101,355,837 views. After three days.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved galloping around to “Gangnam Style” like a barking gongbat as much as you did. But 100 million hits for a follow-up so shamelessly derivative that it would make Nickelback blush?


The good news is that an advance copy of Driven, the new CD from The Lost Patrol, just arrived in the mail. Oh my, it’s wonderful. Thanks Mollie and Michael and Stephen. And thanks Ed, whom I suspect is the one that shipped me the disc.

Sadly, there’s not a multi-brazilian-dollar video that I can share with you, since TLP is, you know, a talented indie band instead of a front for an international corporate dog/pony show. There will probably be a video at some point (singer Mollie Israel seems to love directing), but for now, all I can do is share the audio for "All Tomorrow’s Promises.”

It won’t get 100 million hits, but hey, I’m a quality-not-quantity guy.
You’re welcome.





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