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CD Reviews - May 13, 2013
Matt Rowe

NYC’s The Lost Patrol has labored for many years to gain the following they have gathered over three consistently excellent quality releases. Over the periods of 2008 until now, the band has reached into the legacy sound of Cocteau Twins to craft their own jangly and dreamy potion of songs that easily can gain your attention.

Consisting of Mollie Israel, the steamy and skilled voice behind every experimented style the band undertakes, and Stephen Masucci, and Michael Williams, who both take on the complete duties of fashioning the brilliant music that complements the vocals of Israel, The Lost Patrol, on their fourth album have surpassed any previous work with ease.

Driven, the name of the newest album, contains twelve songs. One of the most adventurous tunes is “Just Go”, a complete departure from the rest of the album. ”Just Go” is a jazz song with Mollie Israel channeling Bessie Smith. The song, although completely different than anything else you will hear on the album, doesn’t throw off any momentum. Instead, it expands on the style the band has largely adhered to for the previous three releases. And this is a good thing as it indicates the band’s willingness to try new things, new directions.

But for fans of The Lost Patrol’s usual style, which easily bring to mind past bands like Mazzy Star, and instrumentally, Cocteau Twins, there are still plenty of those dream-pop style of songs within Driven. “Spinning”, the lead-off track will not disappoint with its strong, and I mean STRONG sense of Cocteau Twins, as is the later “Tell Me”, eight songs deep. The second song, “All Tomorrow’s Promises”, sneaks into Gothic territory with Mollie Israel’s vocals a thing of beauty. All twelve tracks, especially “Little Black Kitten”, the stylish ’60s-styled guitars that make up “See You In Hell”, and the psychedelic Cocteau Twins’ like gem, the closer cut, “Disguise”.

I don’t always say this but Driven is a listenable affair from beginning to end, which makes The Lost Patrol one of those rare bands with a unique ability to produce a string of songs to catch your fancy. In essence, there’s not a bad song on this investment-worthy album by an excellent and evolutionary band, maturing well with every new album release. Driven is a perfect followup to 2011's Rocket Surgery.

I definitely recommend a date with Mollie Israel with her latest swagger. Of course, the guys have to tag along. But that’s ok because The Lost Patrol are a cool band indeed. Thanks, NYC for yet another reason to love your bands.





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