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cd reviews - May 30, 2013
Gothic Paradise

This band has really continued to grow on me with their last album Rocket Surgery getting plenty of play on the radio waves here and often appearing in the top 10 listings each week. This newest work continues along the same path that we were exposed to with their previous album and our first taste from this band. The classic gothabilly sound remains the anchor for the music on this album spanning a dozen excellent tracks.

The album kicks off with a real classic sounding piece really going back a few decades in style with "Spinning". The overall mood of the 50's classic rock sound mixed with a modern twist makes a great combination as Mollie's vocals really add that final touch. The mood and styles vary as usual across the entire album. There are definitely some favorites on this album, some with that harder rock and goth influence while others bring out the dreamy ethereal side. Other selections on the album will still be loved by fans depending on their favorite style and taste, but overall production, composition and performance is excellent.

For the purposes of this review I'll just touch on a few favorites. The aforementioned track that starts the album off is definitely a favorite, having grown up in a family where we had dozens of records from all the classics from The Beatles to Johnny Cash, this piece fits right in with long-time favorites from the time I first remember listening to, recognizing and enjoying music. "All Tomorrow's Promises" follows in similar fashion though with a heavier beat for more of a moving track. A littel bit later "See You in Hell" gets on the heavy, deep groove that would fit perfectly alongside some of the more modern renditions of "Ghost Riders in the Sky", making this a definite favorite on this album. "There & Back" is a nice little mostly instrumental piece that also mixes well with this overall style of classic rock and country with a modern twist. As the album starts to wind down "In Too Deep" impresses with it's excellent style, accentuated and solidified with the dreamy vocals.

Those are just a few of the highlights and there are still plenty of other excellent pieces that the listener will have to check out to fully experience the diversity of this album. I highly recommend it to any listener that enjoys the classics referenced as well as anyone into the gothabilly style, definitely pick it up and enjoy!

Rating: 4.5/5





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