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cd reviews - May 8, 2013
Jon Dawson

5 Stars Out Of 5

New York’s goth-pop overlords return with “Driven,” their ninth and greatest album to date.

The band hits the ground running with “Spinning,” a thick and dreamy noir-scape in the great Lost Patrol tradition. Mollie Israel’s smooth, epic vocals are the perfect tonic for Michael Williams’ dusty acoustic beds and Stephen Massucci’s twisted string work. “Spinning” is as catchy as the common cold but dark enough to warrant repeated spins.

While there is an abundance of material on “Driven” that qualifies as classic Lost Patrol (“All Tomorrow’s Promises,” “Chance of Rain”), what nudges this album into the superb category are the curve balls.

“Little Black Kitten” is a sinister walk into Stray Cats territory, replete with stand-up bass and Stylophone. “See You in Hell” is the best chick-based revenge song since Blondie’s “Rip Her to Shreds,” while the largely instrumental “There and Back” should end up being the theme to an IFC original series about jewel thieves in Ibiza.

As if there weren’t enough groovy sounds swirling around this album already, “Just Go” rears its jazzy, Billie Holiday-esque head. With audacious piano from guest Rob Schwimmer and Israel’s sultry vocal, “Just Go” could have been slipped into night one of Ken Burns’ jazz documentary without raising an eyebrow. Album closer “Disguise” puts a bow on everything with goose-bump guitar and sweet but melancholic vocals.

“Driven” is the perfect gateway drug into the world of The Lost Patrol and a welcome fix for those already hooked.

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