::The Lost Patrol::



cd reviews - July 19, 2013
Mike Levine

Any band that can maneuver this swiftly between stone cold hard rock, and dreamy shoegaze deserves to have a hot rod pasted to the cover of their recent album. In the music of The Lost Patrol, a NYC act that has already four full lengths under its belt, there's a shared appreciation for both mystery and muscle that comes through the whole record.

From the straight-ahead attack of rocker 'See You in Hell' (streaming) to the charming seduction of 'Play with FIre' and the dream pop evanescence of 'All Tomorrow's Promises,' this is an elastic rock group unafraid to mix an alchemy of rock history together in unlikely matrimony. Check out the new LP 'Driven' here, and if you are around Butler, NJ, you can catch these guys live at Architekt on July 20. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets).





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