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cd reviews - September 18, 2014
Lux Atman
Chasing Shadows


Outlined Edition: Picture CD digipak with 11-page booklet (RECEIVED AS PROMOTIONAL)
Publication Date: 2014
Tracklist: Creeper // Too Hard, Too Fast // s'enfuir // Trust Me // Chasing Shadows // Treachery // I'm 28 // Hurricane // If I Could
Artists: Mollie Israel (vocals and drums), Stephen Masucci (guitars, bass, keyboards, Omnichord and programming), Tony Mann (drums and percussion) and Michael Williams (acoustic twelve-string guitar)
Guest Stars: Rob Schwimmer (keyboards on "Creeper" and "I'm 28"), Larry Alexander (snare drum on "Trust Me") and David Shire (string arrangement on "If I Could")
Musical work: Written by The Lost Patrol, except "I'm 28" by Graham Gouldman
Artistic Design: Michael Williams (cover), Delaine Dacko (Photography)
Technical data: Mixed by Stephen Masucci and Larry Alexander, mastered by Larry Alexander
Musical compositions you'll hear a thousand times: Trust Me // Treachery // Hurricane // Chasing Shadows

From Google Translate:

To those we love and enjoy life, there are albums that are perfect to listen intently. One of these musical gems recently appeared in this year 2014 has been an extraordinary album entitled The Lost Patrol "Chasing Shadows". Wonderful CD!!! Published by the American group in a beautiful digipak CD with desktop publishing eleven-page booklet, the album also comes adorned with a spectacular design created by guitarist Michael Williams with photographs taken by the artist Delaine Dacko, having shaped this striking image where the decaying urban aesthetic marked by the prefabricated metal and rust has been strongly contrasted with the color intensity that Mother Nature gives us. Intense contrasts that reflect only the latent creative spirit of The Lost Patrol in the musical world through innovation and melodic experimentation, always based inspiration decadent dynamic in which modern society is engaged with the unstoppable domain of postmodernism. Musical beauty, occasionally sinister, which has been faithfully marked and highlighted in each of the nine compositions that underpin this superb album, and will delight music lovers Lux Atenea Webzine readers who acquire. A careful experimental sound which starts with the theme "Creeper" and the voice of Mollie Israel evanescent inching us with sinister intentions, a smile appearing background of evil as an invitation to go into the awesome song "Too Hard, Too Fast "where his pulsating sound basis immediately get us out of the dark dream in which we had previously submerged. With "S'enfuir" in the air, the environment will be wrapped in acid breath anxiety until the wonderful song "Trust Me" seduces us with a brilliant composition with soul road movie. More intense in its sound forcefulness the sublime song "Treachery" appear on a musical style which always shows The Lost Patrol comfortable, innovative, and at its peak, leading directly to the title track of the album, "Chasing Shadows" with this great melodic deployment as the clouds of darkness are covering the ground we walk, the way we have to go, and the horizon to where we were going. Rendered before the spell that emanates from the sweet voice of Mollie Israel (always fall enchanted by this siren of this century), in "I'm 28" will surprise us with a much more complicated interpretation due to their lyrical difficulty, but superbly overcome, that lead to the radiant song "Hurricane" with that sound and chromaticism in the vocal virtuosity that tempo as only this band is able to offer. Finally, it will be in the song "If I Could" when the curtain that closes this remarkable musical work spread, waiting for the next album The Lost Patrol does not take long to see the light in view of the extraordinary moment of musical creativity that is living This American group. "Chasing Shadows", light and melodic beauty, dark and sonorous charm, saved in this beautiful record edition. Enjoy it !!!





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