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cd reviews - October 8, 2014
Jon Dawson
Chasing Shadows

5 Stars Out Of 5

New York’s favorite purveyors of noir-rock The Lost Patrol have delivered their most diverse work yet on “Chasing Shadows.”

Right off the bat, you can tell the band have shaken things up with the thick, rolling organ romp of “Creeper.” Sounding like Deep Purple’s legendary organist Jon Lord somehow hooked up with Angelo Badalamenti, “Creeper” is a perfect showcase for vocalist Mollie Israel — who herself is unquestionably the greatest female rock vocalist around.

“Too Hard Too Fast” sounds like a glorious collision of The Police and Blondie, with Stephen Masucci’s airy-textured guitar inducing the same types of goosebumps once plumped by Andy Summers.

The tasteful acoustic 12-string work of Michael Williams is the perfect rustic counterpoint to the reverb-drenched guitars and keyboards. If Julee Cruise isn’t available for the new Twin Peaks reboot, these guys should most definitely become the new house band at The Roadhouse.

The addition of drummer Tony Mann is a welcome one. Mann’s sense of swing propels turns “I’m 28” into a waltz for the flabbergasted, while Israel’s beautiful rant comes off as oddly soothing. Mann also lends some genuine rock grit to the buoyant “Hurricane,” itself one of the Lost Patrol’s more straight-up rockers.

As consistent as The Lost Patrol have always been, lead singer Mollie Israel — who joined the band in 2007 — continues to evolve as a vocalist. The earlier pronouncement of “greatest female rock singer” wasn’t hyperbole. Israel has found the perfect musical foils in Masucci and Williams, and they are one song placement in a film or TV show away from becoming the next Blondie or Garbage. If you’d like to be one of the cool kids who accuse The Lost Patrol of selling out when they eventually hit it big, you need to check out “Chasing Shadows” now to start building up that righteous indignation.





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