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cd reviews - June 2, 2010
Mike Pearlstein
The Big Takeover (Issue No.66*)

If past (albeit, occasionally spectacular) Lost Patrol albums relied heavily on surf-twangy atmospherics, with Dark Matter, the focal point clearly is on the sultry vocals of Mollie Israel. The band was clever to push her to the fore: on the dark, noir-ish ode “Justine,” she sings in a suitably plaintive register, while the sprightly (almost holiday-festive), “Before I Go” features joyful, almost celebratory vocals. Israel has awesome range, and the whole affair feels nicely polished. The Lost Patrol has deftly morphed styles, tailoring to her singing and writing, and the overall feeling is sedate, but still thrilling. Steven Masucci and Michael Williams keep the reverb-quotient high, and guitars twang in all the appropriate places. E.g., the standout “Play Me For A Fool”: mournful keys play against Israel’s soaring voice, which raises the roof then settles down to a narcotic hush. Really beautiful stuff.

* In addition to this 'Dark Matter' review, The Lost Patrol is also featured in a Michael Pearlstein "Short-Take" interview from Issue #66.This is the magazine's 30th Anniversary Issue, and It's available on newsstands now or through subscription.





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