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Short Take - June 2, 2010
Mike Pearlstein

The Big Takeover (Issue No.66*)

[excerpt] - LOST PATROL - On a Lookout for a Killer Melody":

When tasked with approximating a likeness for the (truly) widescreen sounds emitted by New York's The Lost Patrol, names such as Cocteau Twins get juggled alongside Mazzy Star or the soundtrack work of Ennio Morricone. This lazy, band-alike comparison chart is further simplified when describing the music to the super layman. It is true that such “soundtrack-ready” music has an overwhelming possibility of influences, but there’s no denying that The Lost Patrol forge masterful swathes of cinematic ear candy – easily on par with the best soundtracks ...

* In addition to this Short Take excerpt, The Lost Patrol's new disc 'Dark Matter' is also reviewed by Michael Pearlstein in Issue #66.This is the magazine's 30th Anniversary Issue, and It's available on newsstands now or through subscription.





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