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CD Reviews - October 24, 2014
Matt Rowe
Chasing Shadows

When I last heard Lost Patrol music, it was on Driven, their 2013 album (reviewed here) of great songs. On that album, they went through a brilliant store of tunes that draws attention to their lush sounds. And with their sounds an ever fresh hybrid of jangly guitars, sultry and enticing vocals, and evocative original songs that hang around in your head for a while, it is easy to be absorbed. On their newest work, Chasing Shadows, The Lost Patrol own it yet again.

I’ve said in the past that Cocteau Twins is a template of a sort for this band. That’s not a bad thing to say as the band brings a great vibe to what Cocteau Twins left behind. You could say that The Lost Patrol is this generation’s best report of a beautiful and unique Rock and Roll sound and experience. Listen to this album’s “Too Hard, Too Fast” to see just what I’m talking about. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Chasing Shadows begins its journey with “Creeper”, a song that uses a gothic-like vocal performance by the engaging Mollie Israel, who has such a wide range of voice so as to attend to all of the musical needs of this band. It’s a slow but  effective opener to an album that surprises throughout. The album kicks into high gear with the previously mentioned “Too Hard, Too Fast” (checked it out yet?), and being followed the french-language “S’enfuir” ballad, and the subsequent song that should be a hit single, “Trust Me”.

With five more songs for you to discover (I LOVE “I’m 28?, and the exciting “Hurricane” tracks!), I can’t recommend enough that you listen to Chasing Shadows, or, for that matter, any of their previous albums. Then you will be able to see with ease that the band just gets better and better. Chasing Shadows is a superior work in their growing catalog, eclipsing all of their previous works. That is high praise as The Lost Patrol is one of these bands that is worthy of your full attention.





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